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Sport Complex

Project Description

Along the “respect zone” of Prà, a few years prior to the Rowing Center and facing it, appears the Sports Center designed to host activities with external spaces and connected services all dedicated to the game of soccer.
This was the first occasion for enacting that logic of restoration of the territory according to which it becomes essential to create a settlement to re-establish a changed geographic order.
The whole thing plays out therefore in having the two extended structures face each other: the first one formed by a low building – the locker rooms – preceded by a long ramp and followed by a smaller building – the gym. The second one is made up of a taller building – the fishermen’s warehouse, the common room, the bar and the sports headquarters, equally preceded by a long ramp and followed by a terrace with trellis. Light differences in the levels give contour to the terrain.

Project Details

Client Municipality of Genoa
Location Genoa, Prà
Year 1995
Typology New buildings
Collaborator Carla Coccia
Giovanni Dalerci, Luca Martino
Management of works 
Comune di Genova, Nella Cevasco, Carlo Solisio (assistant)
Edil Pa.Mo.Ter

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