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Park of the Duke

Project Description

The area of intervention is found in a neighborhood that is extremely densely populated and the project provided for creating a small square and a bus stop in an area wedged between two boundary walls, one of which is rounded. Therefore, the street level was linked to the higher level of the square with a comfortable sloping ramp, so as to encourage use of the space both for waiting for the bus and as a tiny “park”.
The small square was outfitted with benches in masonry and slate, placed against the walls and with a tree; the walls were colored in ochre yellow and red.
Special attention was paid in alternating the materials used and their combination, proposing spontaneous elements of traditional Ligurian décor in a contemporary and rational key.
The space achieved thus invites one to take a break within an urban fabric constructed without rupture.

Project Details

Client Municipality of Genoa
Location Genoa, Lagaccio, “Case Duca di Galliera”
Year 1998
Typology Urban design
Collaborator Cristina Pin
Structures Aldo Signorelli
Technological systems Paolo Villa

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