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Rowing Center

Project Description

Between 1995 and 2002, in a large area of the urban coastline between the port and the city which is still undergoing transformation today – the so-called “respect zone” of Prà – two sports complexes for soccer and rowing were created. The works are part of a wider project that plans for the coexistence of recreation and sports spaces for the neighborhood with heavy railway and transportation hub infrastructures.
The Rowing Center is a facility made up of two buildings in the shape of an overturned hull, flanked and united by a terrace. Inside there are three functional levels: the main level is connected to the terrace and hosts a multipurpose room on one side and locker rooms on the other; on the upper floor there are the sports rooms and the gym; on the lower floor, there is one vast boathouse for the canoes.
The volumes are clear-cut and defined, and confer on the overall structure an image that is immediate and recognizable, finding its space within an area of a lot of about 3000 square meters. The two buildings of a rectangular shape are basically twins, but not perfectly alike, with various differences that define their architectural composition. These two figures face each other in the openness of a great space, drawing and delimiting a cozy environment, protected by the great infrastructures.

Project Details

Client Municipality of Genoa
Location Genoa, Prà
Year 2002
Typology New buildings
With Diego Zoppi
Collaborators Carla Coccia, Valentina Bozzolo, Guido Castagnino, Matilde Rossi De Rubeis, Federica Vigo
Structures Aldo Signorelli
Technological systems Riccardo Benvenuto, Paolo Villa
Geotechnic Roberto De Franchi
Management of works 
Comune di Genova, Nella Cevasco, Silvano Meazzi (assistant)
Builders Vima S.a.s, Oikos, Trentino Legno



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