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Gallery of Modern Art, Villa Serra

Project Description

Villa Serra Saluzzo, palais d’eté of noble Genoese families at the end of the Sixteenth century until the beginning of the Twentieth century, became the property of the City of Genoa in 1928. It was subsequently transformed into a Gallery of Modern Art. Over time, the building was subjected to various interventions: in 1611 on the part of Bartolomeo Saluzzo, between 1770 and 1820 and again around 1860.
In 2004, the latest restoration and enlargement implicated a substantial restyling, reconstituting the spatial unity of numerous original areas and revitalizing the relationship between the villa and the park.
The museum complex is made up of not just the main building, home to the Gallery of Modern Art, but also a series of new spaces: the Chapel, the Greenhouse and the Stable, in part restored and in part transformed into accessory units that support the museum’s various activities.
One fundamental criterion was applied to the whole layout for the permanent exhibit, which was to safeguard the spatial unity of the majority of the rooms. In fact, no separators were planned for the room interiors, thus guaranteeing an appreciable result both in the overall quality as well as in the perception of the exteriors from inside the villa.
The relationship art-nature is at the core of the intervention and the rooms are conceived of as “rooms with a view.” The sequence work-room-park-sea-horizon is perceived in its alluring and exciting exceptionality.

Project Details

Client Municipality of Genoa
Location Genoa, Parks of Nervi, Villa Serra
Year 2004
Typology Restoration, transformation and exhibition design
With Emanuela Brignone, Chantal Cattaneo Della Volta, Italo Rota
Collaborators Carla Coccia, Vittorio Grassi, Alessandro Iozzia Maddalieno, Paolo Ferrari, Andrea Gastaldi, Enrica Campomenosi, Federica Vigo, Nicoletta Mangini, Elisabetta Canevello, Giovanni Bertolotto, Luca Vacchelli, Tommaso Papini (structures), Marcello Pilati (technological systems)
Consultant Giordano Tironi
Structures Gianluca Papini
Technological systems 
Ernesto Amman
Management of works 
Comune di Genova, Mario Rizzi
Borchi Costruzioni S.r.l, G.R.
Conservative restoration Mongiardino Giuseppe & C. S.r.l
Exhibition builder Laboratorio Museotecnico Goppion
Wood restorer Agostino Rebosio
Painting restorer 
Kermes S.n.c



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