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Santa Maria di Castello

Project Description

The church and convent of Santa Maria di Castello were built on the ancient castrum of Genoa. The entire complex represents a unique example that preserves and now makes useable historical and artistic materials from pre-Roman times and all the subsequent eras that attest to the history of the city.
In the narrative structure of this monumental complex, an effect comparable to that of Chinese boxes is reproduced: coming from the narrow alleyways of the city, one comes upon the square with the Romanesque façade of the church and then, passing through the church, one after another, the cloisters, the loggias, the garden, the cisterns and – in the middle of them – the new museum rooms.
The design engages in a cycle of works that, in addition to the museum, involve the upper loggia, the Chapel of the Dominican Fathers, the Chapels of San Tommaso and San Vincenzo and the counter-façade of the church.
The restoration maintained the sober tones of the work done by Cesare Fera and Luciano Grossi Bianchi in the ‘60s. The layout of the museum chose to follow a rigorous sense of the modern both in the design and the choice of materials and lights, with the goal of endowing the exhibition space with its own rhythm even if it is intertwined with that of the convent’s spaces.

Project Details

Client Padri Domenicani
Location Genoa, Historical Center
Year 2001/2013
Typology Restoration and museum exhibition design
Collaborators Chantal Cattaneo Della Volta, Alessandro Iozzia Maddalieno, Guido Castagnino, Carla Coccia, Luigi Repetto
Structures Aldo Signorelli
Fire safety 
Giuseppe Sagripanti
Graphic Anna Ciurlo, Maria Teresa Facco Ciurlo
Restoration Franco Aguzzi, Maria Profumo, Maria Grazia Terrile, Anna Veruggio, Elena Boschieri, Elisabetta Lodoli, Restaurarte di Daniele Casavecchi, Co.Art di Carlini et Meriana, Cesare Gobbo, Daniele Barberis, Andreana Bruno, Andrea Scotto, Angelo Imperatore, Elisabetta Latini, Francesca Ventre, Claudia Santamaria
Builders Comaci, Pdr
Electrical installation Joint Design
Exhibition builders Marco Scaniglia, Laboratorio Museotecnico Goppion


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