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Renzo Bergamo: EsthEtics of Chaos, Palazzo Doria

Project Description

The exhibit EsthEtics of Chaos was set up in the rooms of the noble floor of Palazzo Doria which belongs to the monumental complex of the buildings on the Strada Nuova.
The project proposes positioning around the antique chandeliers of each room big white shells of a cylindric shape inside which the works of Renzo Bergamo are shown. The relationship between the layout of the exhibit and the historical residence starts from the definition of these new spaces inside the spaces of the palace.
This artifice allows the visitor to walk through the exhibit and admire the artist’s works inside the cylinders and at the same time, exterior to these, the decorative apparatus of the 17th century rooms, carrying out a sort of logical and visual separation according to which each work follows its own exhibit order.
The white shells and the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Doria maintain together their autonomy and singularity.

Project Details

Client Festival della Scienza
Location Genoa, Palazzo Doria, Strada Nuova
Year 2007
Typology Exhibition and graphic design
Collaborators Alessandro Iozzia Maddalieno, Carla Coccia, Giulio Pons, Elisa Sanna
Curated by Caterina Arancio Bergamo, Stefano Moriggi with Lara Giuffrida, Bianca Maria Menichini
Organization Luigina Tozzato, Claudia Gandolfi

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