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Canopy at Ponte Doria

Project Description

The intervention responded to the need to welcome passengers at the Maritime Station at Ponte Andrea Doria with new covered spaces set up in the large plaza that is the access to the historical building erected in the ‘30s on the project by Luigi Vietti. Three canopies with arms fanning out – projected onto the infrastructures of access and onto the city – and a diagonal that links them are the pivotal point for the various quays that organize the flow of pedestrians and traffic directed toward the entrances of the terminal.
The high level of freedom in use required by the ground level areas of the plaza required solutions with structures of limited elevation, a few pilasters able to cover big lights: here is the occasion to work on the form of a T.
From this comes the decision to work with a structure in steel made up of slender and geometric lines on which to establish a covering created of elements in concrete that is fiber-reinforced, that would have, however, the look (so to speak) of great monolithic “wings”.
The elevated carpentry, made up of a column-beam system rigidly blocked out at the top bears a metallic frame that covers up to eighteen meters.
On this, the “wings” hang and are spread in such a way as to create a sort of central cut along each projecting roof, freely crossed by weight-bearing columns.
The metallic structure is painted calcium white. The color orange of the covering is entrusted with the task of mediating the new work with the urban scale and the colors of the city that it faces.
The project tries to balance the symmetrical layout of the station, safeguarding the centrality of the hanging roof placed at the entrance by Luigi Vietti, to whose form the new ones look, launching a greeting and a message of enticement.

Project Details

Client Stazioni Marittime S.p.a
Location Port of Genoa
Year 2010
Typology Urban design
With Carla Coccia
Collaborators Alessandro Iozzia Maddalieno
Consultant Carlo Devoto
Structures Elio Montaldo, Daniele Canale, Claudia Bilello (collaborator)
Installations Paolo Accame
Management of works Stazioni Marittime S.p.a, Alberto Capurro, Fabio Marangoni (collaborator)
Pdr De Rege S.p.a

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